For Calling Card Users Please Follow these Steps:

First you need to activate your account of NRs. 200 and 500

How to activate my acount ?

To activate your account click below link, there you will see the page like this:

  1. Scratch your calling card
  2. Enter Username and Password in respective fields
  3. click login button
  4. Your account has now been activated.
    Click here to activate your account

Note: To activate account of NRs.1000 please contact our support department.

How to make internet call using calling card ?

  1. After activating your account, in order to make internet call you need to download and install the dialer
        click here to download the dialer
  2. Enter the details as below after installing dialer and click login button.

  3. Now you are ready to make Internet call !!

    Note: If you do not see Registration and Ready whithin 4-5 min, close the application and repeat the process agian.Still problem persists, contact our support department or install alternate dialer.
    Click here to download alternate dailer

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